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Why I decided to migrate from Next.js to Docusaurus

· 2 min read
Yayo Arellano
Software Engineer

Over the past two years, my blog has been a place to share my experiences and learning in mobile app development, primarily focused on Flutter.

Initially, I decided to create my blog with Next.js because it's the framework used in my workplace, and I've always been curious to learn web development.


You can find the blog created with Next.js here: Yayo Code Legacy Next.js Blog

However, like any software project, without a constant maintenance, we'll soon be using outdated dependencies. So over the last 3 months, I decided to migrate the blog to Docusaurus. The reason? Simplification and efficiency.

Reasons for migration

  1. Maintenance While Next.js is an excellent platform for building web applications, with Docusaurus, I found a solution that offers a simpler structure, making maintenance much easier and faster.

  2. Focus on content As mentioned before, I decided to create the blog with Next.js to learn web development, but as soon as I learned enough, I realized I was deviating from the main purpose of my blog: sharing quality content about software development. Docusaurus allows me to focus more on creating content instead of worrying about technical complexity.


The migration from Next.js to Docusaurus has been a transformative decision for my blog. Not only has it simplified my development and maintenance process, but it has also improved the overall experience for me when creating content and to the people who visit the blog.